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Why Gold Filled?


Gold Filled Jewelry

Jewelry Atelier’s gold filled products are designed for customers who are looking for the best value while buying a timeless piece. Gold filled jewelry, with  its quality, durability and consistency, has been a great option for jewelry lovers for centuries. Buying a gold filled product gives you the comfort of knowing that you are getting a jewelry piece that looks and feels exactly like 14K gold, but for a lower price. Gold filled products have a legal industry standard, which is regulated by the FTC. This requires gold filled products to contain at least 5% of 14K gold. Jewelry Atelier’s quality control team examines each product to ensure that they are in compliance with FTC standards.

What is gold filled? How is it different from gold plated?

Gold filled jewelry is much more durable compared to gold plated alternatives, because it has a completely different production method. Jewelry Atelier uses pressure bonding techniques to mechanically bond layers of solid 14K gold over a core metal of high quality jeweler’s brass. Therefore, the layer of gold that is present in our gold filled jewelry can be around a 100 times thicker than that of a gold plated product. As a result, gold filled products contain 5% 14K gold, whereas gold plated jewelry contains less than 0.05% gold. 

The above table summarizes main differences between Jewelry Atelier’s gold filled products and other alternatives. However, if you still have questions, please contact us using the information on our contact page. 


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