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  • How much does shipping cost and where is my order shipping from?

We offer Free shipping for all US orders and provide alternative shipping methods like Expedited. Our items ships directly from our warehouses across USA to your door.


  • Do you accept returns?

Yes! You may simply reach us out using our Contact Us page or sending an email to Please make sure to include as much details as possible to speed up the process. We will get back to you within 24 hours. 


  • Why I didn't receive my order in 2 business days? 

We deliver high quality products with personal touch. We sell only what we like to wear and prioritize quality over fast service. Rest assured that you will be receiving your order in specified period. 

P.S: Due to COVID-19, we take extra precautions to make sure all our employees are safe. 


  • What are the estimated shipping & delivery times? 

First, your item will be inspected for any defects or damages. After the inspection, we will pack and ship your order. Please allow 1-2 business days for us to complete the inspection and prepare your order. It would take another 3-5 business days for carrier to bring it to your door. 


  • What is gold filled? How it is different from gold plated?

Gold filled jewelry is much more durable compared to gold plated alternatives, because it has a completely different production method. Jewelry Atelier uses pressure bonding techniques to mechanically bond layers of solid 14K gold over a core metal of high quality jeweler’s brass. Therefore, the layer of gold that is present in our gold filled jewelry can be around a 100 times thicker than that of a gold plated product. As a result, gold filled products contain 5% 14K gold, whereas gold plated jewelry contains less than 0.05% gold. Learn more.

  • How to care for your Gold-filled Jewelry?

Gold filled is easy to care for; and the best cleaning method is gently polishing it with a soft cloth. You can also wash it with mild soap when it is necessary. Since, any kind of jewelry can be tarnished by getting in contact with harsh chemicals we suggest you to keep it away from detergents or similar cleaning agents. We recommend you to store your piece, in the jewelry pouch that is provided when not in use. Learn more.


  • How Jewelry Atelier pieces are Ethical and Sustainable? 

Our manufacturing partners are certified by Bureaus Veritas for both Occupational Health and Safety Management and Environmental Management Systems. Working directly with manufacturers and eliminating wholesalers gives us the power to examine all the manufacturing standards directly and to provide the best value to our customers. Learn more.


You have more questions? Contact Us.


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